Aamie Gillam-Spurrell is a published Professional Wedding, Portrait, Destination and Commerical Photographer based in CBS, Newfoundland, Canada. Before embarking on a full time photography career in 2015; Aamie enjoyed an 8 year career in front of the camera with Canada’s Superstation, NTV. You could also hear Aamie frequently on OZFM Radio. For more than 10 years Aamie has provided wedding photography services, portrait sessions, boudoir experiences, family shoots and more with a focus on love, light and life. You can follow Aamie’s work on Instagram; @aamiegillamphotography. Quality is of high importance to Aamie and she ensures that every session and wedding receives the best attention and customer service possible. In 2017 Aamie Gillam Photography introduced AGP Courses, helping others learn the art of light, composition and photography technology.

In May 2020 during the covid pandemic Aamie Gillam Photography business was put on hold, and Aamie decided to fill her extra free time with gaming. Purchasing a PS4 and immediately downloading Warzone and Modern Warfare. Her love for FPS and gaming came straight back! Aamie was encouraged to join Twitch and start streaming due to her Television and Radio background and decided to start on Twitch July 2020, straight from the PS4 in her living room – no camera.

She says, “I quickly fell in love with streaming, the community that formed around me and the people I met and grew my stream to a multicamera set up in a dedicated stream room.”

November 2021 Aamie was invited to join the Rock Solid Gaming eSports and Lifestyles organization based in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada and in January 2022 took the leap into full time streaming and hasn’t looked back!

My community: The Killem Krew, supports me and my stream dream to the moon and back and have made a name for themselves as accepting, welcoming, inspiring people.

Aamie continues to provide some photography services as needed but is primarily focused on building her community and meeting new people through streaming.